About Us

Peereco.com is a rental and sharing portal operated by Parijman Technologies India Private Limited. Peereco.com aims to build the most customer-centric online destination for customers to find and discover virtually anything they want to rent or borrow. Peereco.com seeks to bring Lenders and Renters on the same platform and ensure that they find each other and help develop the PEER ECONOMY.

Peer Economy, also referred to as Sharing Economy or Collaborative Consumption is the concept involving a hybrid market model (lying in between Owning and Sharing) of peer-to-peer exchange. The Owners or Lenders cater to the needs of Consumers or Renters which mutually assists both the parties.

This symbiotic relation ensures RE-USABILITY and prevents over consumption of natural resources.

All the customers on Peereco.com have an easy access to variety of rental/shared products and can place requests and manage owned products. Portal allows seamless transaction management between Owner and Renter. They can view status of their requests and products, and also receive support from our backend Team.